Aggregate Mix Designs

21 Labasa

The exposed aggregate concrete mix is 21 Labasa it has a gray base and blend of mainly 7mm bluestone and has some nice brown baige white concrete aggregates. This exposed aggregate concrete driveway can be viewed in 45 Hill Rd Nth Balwyn .

Purtell mix. - 10% Brown.

This exposed aggregate mix is Purtell, it has had the brown stone reduced by 10% and makes a fine looking exposed aggregate concrete. The exposed aggregate concrete mix has a black cement base with a 70% mix of bluestone aggregate and 30% brown stone. Thou this picture is with - 10% of the brown stone.

Tambo Mix.

The Tambo exposed aggregate concrete mix gives you a nice blend of granites,river pebbles with a small amount of 7mm bluestone aggregates with a grey cement base. It has a very nice appeal and is one of our most requested exposed aggregate concrete mixes.The Tambo mix gives you a lovely exposed aggregate driveway,carpark,entertaining or paved area.