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What is exposed aggregate concrete? Exposed aggregate concrete is concrete that has decorative aggregate’s (stones) and at times coloured pigments present in the exposed aggregate concrete mix it's self. Although there are many different types and designs the basic principles of exposed aggregate concrete remain the same.

How is exposed aggregate concrete achieved? The exposed aggregate concrete, be it a exposed aggregate driveway, car park or paved area is placed leveled and trowel, the concrete is sprayed with a surface retarder. The exposed aggregate concrete is allowed to set overnight, then the top paste or layer of concrete is removed via high pressure water blasting. Leaving the aggregate revealed and  exposed aggregate concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete has many uses, driveways, car parks, and endless paved areas. 

At Exposed Aggregate Concreter we are the experts in Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Since 1992 we have been pouring exposed aggregate concrete driveways and exposed aggregate concrete paved area's. Over 35 years of concreting experience gives you total confidence in getting your project done correctly with the best concreters doing exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne.Exposed aggregate concreter is a division of Prestige Pattern Paving Established Since 1992.We also supply Slate Impressions concrete,so feel free to look at our Slate Impressions Galley.

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