Slate Impressions

Concrete sleeper retainer wall and hole for a ground level trampoline

The concrete sleeper retainer wall is 2m charcoal coloured concrete sleepers with gal H beams.The hole you see the form work in is for a ground level trampoline 4.9m x 2.7m with the depth being formed to Olympic standards.At the bottom of the hole there is in place a pit ( for the submergible pump ) a 40mm high pressure pipe (for pumping out rain water ) and the conduit has been placed for po

Slate impressions concrete and sleeper retainer wall.

This slate impressions concrete was poured after we installed the redgum sleeper retainer wall.The retainer wall is redgum with gal H beam uprights.We left a 500mm garden bed and placed 2 x 2m concrete steps to gain access to the lower level.The concrete has a little rain water beading on the surface but the picture allows you to see the scope of works that were undertaken.